Friday, June 19, 2015

Inspecting The New House or Getting The 'Westie Seal of Approval'

Derby & the front door rug.
This morning we met our landscaper Frank at 10am.  Frank's crew
worked on our Bozman property so it's was only natural
we have him work on our new St. Michaels property.  The only
thing we can do now is clean up the beds and put down a little
mulch.  We need to check if 'approval' for what we would
like to do to the landscape is required.
"Let the vacuuming begin"
After Frank left I vacuum the entire house from top to bottom because
I wanted to walk the westies over for their 'seal of approval'.
Being so excited they didn't know what direction
or what room to check out first.  It was funny to watch. 
 This is the breakfast nook and Julep is headed into
the mud/laundry room with Derby following.  We are
going to try and fit in a doggie door for them to go
out onto the screened in porch.  

 Making the loop from the kitchen to the dining room
and into the hallway.  Boy, did they have fun!
 The master bedroom with vacuumed carpet.  
Did I mention I hate this carpet?  It's cheap and
thick and it about killed by arm pulling the vacuum back
and forth through the pile.  We would like to add the 3 season room
which would be accessed through the existing french door.
 We will be replacing the fireplace mantel set.  It's not the
right scale for the room and our interior designer agrees.
Wilson found a company on line that had a nice selection
of mantels with side accent pieces but before we order
we need to talk to the contractor because he will have to
put it together.
 Hey Julep ... I'm up here!
 I'm surprised I got some decent pictures because
the westies were movin' fast throughout the house.
I do believe they have given their new home the
That's it for now ...  wishing everyone a nice 
weekend ahead.  


  1. What a great new house for indoor zoomies!
    Just make sure you slow down on da turn when you're on the hardwood floors.

  2. They will love a doggy door so they can go in and out!

  3. I think I heard Julep say that the doggy door is a top priority :)