Monday, June 8, 2015

Bayside Quilt Show

 Note:  They will be sitting right here until we come back 
home from the quilt show reception.
Last night we took the westies for a walk around the circle
and spotted a bunch of baby geese in one of the creeks.
After I dropped off the westies I went back to take
pictures of the babies.  Of course these two watched me
walk back down the street without them.  Also settlement
day is fast approaching ... and then the work begins!
 I took over 100 pictures and it took time to go through all
of them to crop and work with the color enhancement.
[That's why I didn't post sooner.]  Also I've been busy sewing
my fingers to the bones making doll clothing for the yard
sale on Saturday morning.  I'm just hoping to make a
few bucks to stash away for my next shopping trip to 
Lancaster with sister Deb.
 Wilson did bring his big boy camera.   I also like the
hundreds and hundreds of festive fabric flags draped
around the building.  All made by members of the Guild.
 We saw Lloyd in the parking lot taking his purchase
back to the car.  He got a real deal for $30 ... the detail
was amazing on this pillow.
 All of my pictures will be sent to the Guild historian.
 Every quilt was a work of art which showed countless hours
at the sewing machine.  Note for the next Guild quilt
show ... have each quilt entry list the approx. number of 
hours it took to complete the quilt - add them all up to
get the total number of sewing hours. 
This could be a contest.

 JoAnn volunteered a lot of time at the quilt show.

 All items in the boutique were made by Guild members.

A personal favorite ... I love anything Christmas.

 Hope you enjoyed seeing the quilts on display.  
Next quilt show in two years.


  1. Wow, you found your mothership! I know you were in heaven at the quilt exhibit…such stunning quilts! Beautiful photos of the event, Katy.

  2. All these quilts are beautiful. That's a great idea for contest guessing the total sewing hours