Friday, June 5, 2015

Eleven Pounds of Fabric

 I get more than my fair share of e-mails from fabric sources
every day.   I love to pour through all these while drinking morning coffee.
It's a wonder I don't have a room stocked piled with fabric, but I don't.
{I think my sister has triple the amount of fabric I do.}
It's amazing how quickly I can go through fabric but that's not
surprising if you are a quilter.   Even my small lap size quilts
can take 4 yards of fabric to make.
 If Julep didn't have an interest in checking out the new
fabric I would have bet my life Derby would be checking
this stack out as soon as I put it in a good sniffing place.

 I moved the fabric from one window seat to another
to see if Julep would show an interest and as you
can see ... she does not!
 Here is my latest purchase from  All this was
on sale for a price better than Lancaster - plus no tax and no
shipping charge.  In my mind I got a deal!
 Most of the fabric is in two yard cuts because I needed
quilt back material.  The ship and plane fabric was on sale
and that was a last minute impulse purchase thinking it would
be cute as a baby quilt for a boy.
 I'm not afraid of bright colors and big prints for a quilt back.
The yellow has raised gold flowers and is simply beautiful.
 The gray and silver fabric in the upper left hand side is heavier
than I expected but I think it still will work. 
I finally decided I want the bigger room in the new house
so I'll have plenty of room to stock collections of fabric.  As
silly as that may seem to some {non-quilters} it's important
to have a wide variety of colors and prints.  For example, the new
project pictured [below] was a struggle to find a set
of complimentary fabrics from my existing
stash {and I'm still not happy with what I pulled}.  

 This one is now finished, pressed, photographed,
measured, and in a nice plastic zip lock bag ...
just waiting for a new home.
 Close-up of the fabric and blocks.
Tonight Wilson and I will be joining friends JoAnn and Lloyd 
at the Bayside Quilters opening reception for the weekend quilt show in
Oxford.  This compliments the Oxford Garden tour.  So
have a nice weekend and stay tuned for some awesome quilt
pictures I will post tomorrow.  


  1. I look forward to seeing the quilt photos. Have fun!

  2. So now we know that of the two westies, Derby is the fabric connoisseur :)