Friday, June 12, 2015

Meet Bourbon

 The Story of Bourbon
Bourbon was a gift from Chris D's sister Laura Lee.
As the story goes ... Laura Lee rescued little
Bourbon from a shop she worked in then mailed him
to Chris to give to me.  Chris had Bourbon re-painted
and presented him to me at our Guild meeting on Wednesday. 
 I was amazed that the westies gave Bourbon a good 
sniff-over but then realized they might have been
smelling Laura Lee's westie.
Julep is alpha dog [over Derby] so she was first to give Bourbon
the sniff-over ... she noted ... nothing between the ears.

Checking out the 'sanitary area' ... but nothing is there.
 Bourbon doesn't bark or require food, brushing, or vet visits.

Bourbon is in a safe place out of the westies playful reach.
Thanks to Laura Lee and Chris for the combined efforts in
rescuing and taking such good care of Bourbon until
he was passed over to our family.


  1. LOL They were giving Bourbon the sniffing job for sure! What a thoughtful gift. At first I thought you adopted a new Westie, and then I read that Bourbon was mailed, and then I thought, Katie will KILL anyone attempting to mail a Westie....WTH?

  2. Very cute. That's the type of doggie that Lloyd would accept!

  3. Bourbon is cute but then being a Westie how could he not be. No housebreaking required either :)