Saturday, June 13, 2015

Two westies, some AG clothing & a quilt

 Being on the top of the steps is a perfect place to scope out
what's going on in the kitchen {meaning when the
food bowls hit the counter} as well as looking 
out the breakfast nook double windows for anything
that comes between 'their' place and the neighbors.
 Today was our annual neighborhood yard sale and folks
were already stopping to look at 7:00am when it
officially didn't start to 8!  I sold a quilt and a few AG dresses so 
those $'s are going towards the next shopping trip to Lancaster.
 It was amazing how many ladies just stopped by to look.
I also talked to a lot of neighbors and even tho the
sale ran until 1:00 I couldn't stand the heat and pulled
up stakes at 11:00am.  I don't feel bad because at 11:45 I 
don't see any yard sale traffic in the neighborhood.  

 I love making dresses and have so much fun adding
embellishments.  This was one of the dress that sold.  

 This is the back of the quilt I pictured below.  Somehow the
picture order got out of whack.
 Lovely Julep
This quilt is not 100% perfect [only about 97% perfect] because
I screwed up a little on the quilting aspect ... so I decided to do a
flash give-a-way on Facebook within my group called
All members had to do was simply leave a 'yes' or 'no' comment
to the question ... do you give your pet supplements?  When the
give-a-way closed at 7pm last night there were over 400 comments
posted.  This is also a good way to gauge how much traffic hits my group.
The lady who I randomly picked ask me to donate this quilt to the 
Christmas in July Westie Rescue Southeast auction 
[even tho I told her I made some special things already].  I do
have a special fondness for this group since they are close to us.
... Have a nice weekend ...

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