Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rocky, Murphy, Opie . . . Oh My!

 Rocky, Murphy and Opie received their quilt today
[as well as spending the morning at the groomers].
This quilt was one I finished in April that took me approx.
16 hours to piece all the lettering together ...  but for these guys
it was hours very well spent ... wouldn't you agree?
Rocky {it's hard to believe} will be 14. Murphy will be 12 {I think}
and Opie is 7.  Rocky was my first encounter with a westie and 
from there as they say ... the rest is history.  
Leslie, Stan and the three boys will be leaving
Maryland after July 4th on a driving adventure across the U.S.
{Of course in the comfort of their spacious mobile home.}
Final destination is 'someplace out west'.  
Do visit Stan's blog once they 'hit the road' in July. 
I'm sure it will be a good read: