Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We're Back On Line!

 We are finally back on-line after a big crack of lighting hit
so close to our house it fried our modem!  It was so loud
it scared us half to death - even the westies got upset.
 So for the past few days we've been hanging out waiting
for Mr. Verizon Man to come and solve our problem.
 He arrived this morning only to say ... well, you've got a fried 
modem which he could replaced free of charge if we signed 
up for the monthly protection plan.  We did as it was worth it.
 Now We're Watching out for Mr. Direct TV Man
Of course this big surge of electricity knocked out our Direct TV.
The good thing is we can watch DVD's and last night we finally finished
the last 2 shows of Downton Abby.  So at least we know the TV still
works and thank goodness we have one radio in the house.
I have to say I actually like taking a break from the nightly
new shows - they can be despessing.
 Settlement date is fast approaching and we met today
with an interior designed who helped us out in Bozman.
Without a prompt from me {seriously because I didn't
think of it} Dan suggested a new paint color called
West Highland White!  I had written about that color
late last year when it was introduced in the marketplace.
It does have a touch of beige in it just like the back of
Derby's neck.   We will be buying that color in case lots! 
 In this house Wilson walks past my sewing room all the time
so he eyes my projects.  One day he stopped in and said why
don't you make a manly quilt - meaning {to me} boring
colors ... so this is what I came up with.  It is now on
one of the armless chairs in the living room.

 Give me some sparkle {after than manly quilt} please!

 I still have two quilts that need to be complete but I
always like to have another project ready to go.
This is a new pattern I'm working on.  I'm trying to use up that
brightly colored vintage westie fabric and this block and
quilt layout just might do that.  I need to make space for all
the fabric I just ordered on-line {it was all on sale at a
better price than I could get in Lancaster}.


  1. All I can say is that the paint people who came up with that name knew what the perfect color was. :)
    That must have been some storm you had.

  2. I must check out that paint color.