Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gallery Reception

 Tonight we went to St. Michaels to our neighbors
gallery called the Clark Gallery of Fine Art.  The picture
[above] of the St. Michaels harbour was not in the gallery
it is a Katie photo made to look like a watercolor.

On the way to the gallery we did a quick drive-by to check 
on the lot we now have up for sale.  The lot we were planning to 
build on ... until we found the house in Back Creek Landing. 

This is the view at the end of Riverview Terrace.
 It's a pretty typical scene this time of year.
A busy harbour filled with boats is a welcome sight.
 The guest artist for this exhibit was Adriana Jaramillo.  She is a
 talented and lovely lady.  We enjoyed meeting her and see her work.
 Heidi Clark [left] with her business parter/artist Patricia Spitaleri
Heidi and her husband Scott will be our 'new' next door neighbor.
I like Heidi's style of art which we might just have to add a
piece to our collection of art once we get settled.
This is our current next door neighbor Nancy.  I took Nancy's
picture next to Adriana's piece of art that Nancy purchased tonight. 
That's it for now ~ enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. I always enjoy opening night receptions at galleries. They're always fun! Thanks for sharing, Katie!