Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's New ...

Today we went for a car ride and walk around the park.  
Julep and Derby loved every second but it did cut into the 
afternoon nap time not to mention my sewing time.
 This little nautical quilt is already on it's way to Lois {my old
high school friend} who lives in Baltimore.  It's for her first
grand child named Cam.  I hope he likes it.

 Don't mind the wrinkles ... 
'cause it hasn't made it's way to the ironing board yet.

 Daisy's ... in front of the rental.
 This morning we had California Closets come in to look
at the one and only closet in the master bedroom.  We are sharing this
space so 'space' is at a premium [not like in Bozman where I
had an entire room made into a closet].
 The propane line is now replaced into the fireplace.  Since
I'm gas fireplace challenged I had no idea how much the
new logs, etc costs.  We need a make a trip to the showroom
 to look at what they have ... est. cost: more than you think!
Why ... because the previous owners were burning things
in there they shouldn't have been.
 Granite samples ... still waiting for estimate #2.
My fabric came today from fabric.com.
It's never to early to think Christmas. 

The practice runner.
This is called the simple 10 minute table runner.  Heck,
it took me 10 minutes just to press the darn thing!


  1. Arrrrrroooooo !!!! I love your latest quilt and da new Scottie Christmas fabric.

  2. I doubt there's anything cuter in the whole world than a napping Westie!