Thursday, July 2, 2015

Making Progress

 Nesting in the big chair together.
I had to stop what I was working on to take a picture of this.
Should we consider buying them individual Lazy boy's?
 The painters are making incredible progress in the garage.
It was a mess and I won't go into the nasty details.  We will
be adding a 52" Hunter ceiling fan in the garage.  Our
neighbor was our inspiration for this idea.
The landscapers cleaned up all the poison ivy and weeds
in the front beds as well as taking out the 'volunteer' tree by the
house.  It was in the wrong place.  The landscapers also pruned 
the tree by the garage and removed a few limbs that
were getting a little close to the roof of the house.
 Plastic railings!  I told Wilson don't lean on them too hard
'cause they just might give way.  This is the spot the screened in
porch will be.  We decided to start it on the other side of the door
to the laundry room {which is the closed door}.  We also found
out that the entire door can be replaced with a door that already
has a doggie door on the bottom panel.  This will save cutting
into the wall and dealing with whatever is there. 
A Quilt In Progress 
I pulled out my quilt books called "Precut Quilts" and
decided to make the quilt the author called 'Backyard Fun'.
This one is for Frank's {our landscaper} daughter {Josie}
who is considering becoming a pastry chef.
Paris = Pastry
 I texted Frank and asked him to have Josie pick the back material
 out of a selection of 3 pieces figuring at least she would
like one side of the quilt.  She does not know what the front is.
 The quilt will go into this standard size pillowcase.
Sea Life Baby Quilt
I purchased fabric as a jelly roll or basically fabric pre-cut into
2-1/2" strips.  It was on sale for a great price and couldn't
pass it up.  There is always someone who needs a baby
quilt to give as a gift.  I pulled out the pattern called
'Fresh Laundry' and just reduced the size by half.  
I have enough fabric to make one more.
Happy 4th of July weekend!


  1. oh yes, I think each westie should have their own lazy boy but in Julep's case it would be a lazy girl

  2. I think that Julep needs her own lazy boy and Derby needs a thrown right in the middle of your sewing room! Have a Happy Fourth!