Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looking At Samples

 Our interior designed stopped by yesterday to drop off
a few carpet samples for us to review as well as a sample
of a vinyl to consider for my massive sewing room.
Would you believe the grade of vinyl Dan picked costs more than 
the carpet?  What a shock!  It was pointed out that
since this room is above a garage carpet would be the
best option to keep it warm ... something I didn't even think
about so  vinyl is out and we now will look at a more
commercial type of carpet.  We also decided that carpeting will be the
last thing installed after the hard wood floors are re-done in mid-
September.  We are also waiting for the pricing shock of kitchen granite.  
 Color:  Sand Dune
This is a average {okay maybe a little better than average} carpet
our designed picked out for the steps and 2nd level of the house.
We think this will also be the carpet for our master bedroom.
Should we look at more?  Wilson said no because this is 'it'.
It's a simple design with simple colors so it works with
anything we put on top of it.  
 The second option ... is a 'no'.  We don't care for the stripe look.
 It's pretty hard to take a decent picture of paint samples to
show the exact color ... but this will have to do.  The Sherman
Williams West Highland White look more creamy in color
like the dorsal strip going down a westies back than a true
white.  The ceilings will be painted the typical 'ceiling white'.

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  1. I agree with Wilson, I love carpet choice 1... Look no further, it's a classic. I wonder what the name and company is. West highland white was too white for my computer room so I'm stuck between Dover white and roman column. Can't decide so samples are still on the wall. Im feeling good I have it narrowed down to 2 colors. LOL