Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's New

 Julep ... we are still waiting for her pathology report.
 Derby ... always close to food!
 We left the westies at home in the comfort of the a/c while
we went to Annapolis to look at slabs of granite.
 We headed to the production area of 'In Home Stone' and started
looking.  The granite above is a Level or Tier 1.  It is what the
professionals [in the business] call 'no movement'.  We considered
this slab for a few minutes, then moved on since it was flat.
 We quickly jumped from a Level or Tier 1 to a Level 3.  This
is not a great picture of the slab we 'tagged' but it has nice
'movement' within the piece.  We will get one last chance to
make a change when we go back and work on the placement
of the templates.  Also note that this big brown spot which
happens to look at a westies head is not a westie head!  It is the
reflection of the big slab moving machine that was parked
in front of this ... thus ... the reason for not getting a great photo.
Our new bed!  We ordered this two weeks ago and it's already
in.  Now if we wanted it that soon it would have been delayed
for weeks on end ... but since we don't need it until October
it's here and sitting at Higgins and Spencer until then.
... and the house upgrades and renovations are still
moving along.

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