Friday, July 31, 2015

One Project is Done!

 I can officially report the garage walls and floor are done.
As you can see from the picture [below] the entire interior of
the garage was re-taped and re-painted.  It was an awful 
stinky mess when we first saw the house.  Mildew everyplace
and not to mention the fact that someone left a freezer full of food
[unplugged] sitting in there for months.  
 It will be interesting to see if we can get two cars in there.
 Waiting for the contractor this morning we had time to walk
around the back and re-look at wallpaper for the dining room and
powder room.  I did run {the below paper} by our interior designer.
He suggested using the complimentary paper below the chair
rail {I originally thought it might be a little much} but if he
said it was ok ... then it's ok.  For the powder room wallpaper we 
did a 360 on that {meaning just the opposite in color}
so I need to run that by him for 'approval'.

 I was going batty looking at all the ceiling fans available so 
Wilson took on the task and ordered them from Amazon.
They are ready to be installed.  
 I have found a home for every square foot of carpeting,
all the lighting fixtures that will be replace and just
above everything that will be updated.
 Yes, I have been sewing [actually a lot] since it's so hot outside.
This quilt is for Juan's son.  Juan has helped us so much in doing
things prior to us moving out of Bozman as well as here in the
rental and in the new home.  We are giving Juan the painting
contract so he will start on the interior next week.
Sherman Williams ... West Highland White 
on the walls and a basic ceiling white
for [of course] the ceilings.
The other side of the quilt.
Also ...
I've been trying out some new patterns for American Girl 
clothing ... I'll post them later when I do a new post called ... 
Sewing for Marinna.


  1. The garage floor looks awesome. I can only imagine how bad that freezer must have been.

  2. I agree the floor looks terrific.. When you are finished with this project, you will have a whole,house. BTW, I think the granite company is the same one we worked with this time around.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love Wilson's beach photo and we are keeping thoughts of Julep in our prayers.