Sunday, August 23, 2015

California Closet Install

I had a nice big well designed California Closet in the old house
[notice I used the word "I"] ... but in the new house we will be sharing
one closet off the master bathroom [drats!].  Guess I'll just have to
suck-it-up and learn to share closet space.   
 I've found this complete unit a good home as well as the
current lighting fixtures in the master bath.  Our contractor
is building a home for a family in need so she will have
these to add to that project.
 Funny how a nice size space turns out to be a
little smaller once you make it into a CA Closet.
 We are still debating boundary lines.
I do know I'll be donating more of my clothing
prior to the final move due to lack of not fitting.
We know this will be Wilson's side because we had
CA Closets design the hangers {on your left} a 
little longer so his shirts won't hit the floor.
We are now looking at two new lighting fixtures
for this space as well as two new vanity lights
and two pendant lights.  We did order the wall
scones that replace the ones they had going up the
steps.  They are white with gold and will blend
nicely with the carpet.  Things are coming together
but honestly I just want to be there and out of this rental!

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  1. I had no idea what a CA closet was until now. You could probably fit 5 of my closets in that