Thursday, August 27, 2015

Derby Needs Anger Management

While I was taking pictures of my sewing projects the
westies came running up the steps ... but before we get to 
them let's getting the sewing stuff out of the way. 
The scrappy quilt is all put together ... next step ... putting the batting
in between the front and back, then it's up for quilting.
This one doesn't have a home yet but I'm sure I'll find one soon.
 The Christmas Batik's I pictured a few weeks ago.
They have been sorted, pressed, and cut into 5" squares.
 This mess of cut fabric will turn into the blocks pictured below.
 I enjoy making this block.  Looks hard but really isn't.
Now ... on to the westies 
Boy oh boy ... these westies do NOT like the dog {or what I
fondly call the pony} that lives across the street.  
 I don't know who barks louder ... Julep or Derby.
In any event, it drives Wilson and I crazy.
In the new house they won't be seeing the pony.
Frustration or Anger ... I'm not sure 
Taking it out on the pillow.  This boy has real anger issues.  
 I'm glad he has this pillow to let out his anger.
 The 'pillow aggression' is a new behavior in this house.

 Derby has no idea that he's a small dog.
That's what I love about the westie breed ... a little
dog with a big dog personality.  They know no fear.

 Giving the pillow a good shake with a few growls thrown in.
Just as a note ... that big pony dog doesn't pay a second of attention
to the fool westies barking from the windows like mad dogs.
Can't wait to move into the new place!  

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  1. Duke used to shake the heck out of things all the time. There were times I was amazed he didn't give himself whiplash.
    I get the barking with Gibbs all the time. Drives me crazy too.