Monday, August 31, 2015

Today Just Flew Right By

Just ... Derby
Today just flew by with nothing really accomplished
except for working on the last row of the quilt below
and the fireplace surround being delivered.
Today I decided who will receive this as a holiday gift.
I'm thinking of making another one using this style of block.
 The fireplace surround has arrived all the way
from Canada.  It's not every day you see an
18-wheeler in this neighborhood.
 We paid for 'inside' delivery which means they will only
go up one threshold so it was placed in the garage.
The first thing that's been placed on the new floor.
 The driver didn't have any tools to remove the
metal strapping surrounding the skid so we had
to ask Juan and Dominic if they could lend a
tool or two.  This is one heavy mantel and I can't wait
to see it installed.  I think Dominic will head up the
install team.  He is working on installing the three
ceiling fans and the new lighting for the master bathroom.
He has also removed the sink from the powder room.
Thinks are moving along.
We did a minor inspection and found two little
chips out of a corner of one piece.  This is the 
top mantel piece.  It's going to take several guys
to lift this up.  Hopefully, this will get installed
by next week because it has to done
before the floors get sanded and re-stained.


  1. aw look how cute Derby is. I like your quilt. So what will you do about the chips in the mantle piece?

  2. The chips will add character! :)

    The quilt is beautiful - whoever receives it will be very lucky!

    Monty and Harlow