Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just A Simple Sunday Post

 Simply ... Derby
 Ready for nappy-time.
 I can hear Derby saying ...
Gosh, she follows me everyplace with that stupid camera.
 There are times when Derby reminds me of a stuffed toy.
Here is a sample of holiday table runners I made.  
I be adding small silver bells to each end.
 Playing with a new block pattern.  I like this one a lot but
want to get a nice collection of fabric that blends
together before I made this pattern into a quilt.
 The stacks of 4 patch blocks that were staring at me saying ....
well, what are you going to make with us?
 You can see these are no longer 4 patch blocks!
I've sliced them, diced them, sewn them back
together, press them, and trim them all down.
This will be what they call a scrappy style of quilt which
basically is ... hey, I don't like to waste fabric so let's
throw it all together and see what we come out with.
A perfect quilt for a kid who loves bright colors.
And ... this is for my sister ... Debby.

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  1. Derby is such a sweetie. I've made a couple of those table runners. They are so easy. Thanks for sharing that link to the video