Saturday, August 8, 2015

Would You Believe Me If I Said ...

 Would you believe me if I said ... I had a blast
making all these outfits.  I was just in the
mood to make creative smaller items.
 This is one of the newer patterns I made for the first time.  
Boy, it was a lot of work.  You can't see the yoke and all
the curved panels and you can bet you won't be seeing 
a lot of these dresses in the near future.
 Fairy in pink ... which is Marinna's favorite color.

 This is the other dress that took me a long time
to complete.  It also has curved panels and a
half lining on the inside.  It reminds me of a
mermaid dress of sorts.

 I'm hoping to give these to Marinna later today or on Sunday.

Everything fit nicely into this doll tote.

That's it for American Girl doll clothing.
I've already started on Christmas table runners 
and after that I'll be working on what to do with a
stack of 4 patch blocks I made on our last vacation.
 I have them sorted in color groupings now
all I need to to figure out a design/layout.


  1. Yes, I would absolutely believe you had a blast making those. They all look adorable.

  2. OMG--you are amazing--those AG clothes are so, so gorgeous. This little girl will be at a loss for words, I'm sure. You really out-did yourself this time!