Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New House Update

 The tile guys are about ready to start grouting the tile.
Next on the list is to schedule is Dr. Glass to measure 
for the custom seamless shower walls.
 I just couldn't get a good picture of the accent 
tiles for some reason.  We are happy with the work.
The fixtures are already here and I'm guessing that
will be one of the last things to put in.
 Thursday between 8:00 and 12:00 the old counters will be
removed and the new granite will be installed.  Then I can
concentrate on ordered 3 bar stools for the counter.
I've looked at about a thousand so far and narrowed
it down to three.  We are still looking at lighting fixtures
for the bathroom, hallway entrance and powder room.
I'm happy to report all the ceiling have the second coat
of ceiling white paint.  Our painted told Wilson today that
the walls need a primer coat before the two coats
of West Highland White goes on.
As you can see we left Julep and Derby home while we 
checked on today's progress.  They were not happy
but it was for the best since paint tarps and stone cutting
machines and tools were sitting on the floor.  
Some wild, crazy, and happy color quilt.
Haven't picked the border fabrics yet but the back fabric
will what the top is sitting on.  I did order
some poultry fabric from for a few quilts
of the chicken kind.  

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  1. Momma had their master bath redone a few years ago... got rain glass so every drop won't show... knew Dad wouldn't All I know is that dey got a handheld showerhead in addishun to da rainhead.... which made it easier to bathe us pups... ratz!