Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Granite Has Arrived!

 Scheduled for install between 8 and noon today
turned out to be more like 2:30 to 9:00p.m.
I felt bad for the installers so I ordered a pizza 
and took it to them for dinner.
Don't drop that granite!

 The guys ran into a slight problem because of the 
kitchen cabinets.  They need to tilt the counter up to 
slid it into place and the cabinets hindered that ... so ...
there was a debate to make the cut here or take the slab
back to the factory in Annapolis.  The head installer 
decided to cut and seam it here.  He did a perfect job.
 The bathroom counter fixtures we 'thought' would 
work [from the previous vanity] didn't look great
 with the granite.  They looked bulky so two new ones
have been ordered.   The others will be donated.
Everything fits nicely.
 The view from the second level.  We are extremely pleased.
 I got new granite - Derby got a new sleeping pad.

A beautiful sunset in conclusion to an long & productive day.
Until Friday ...  


  1. K.,
    Granite looks beautiful--can't wait to see it!,

  2. sounds like a long day for the granite guys.