Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Daily Update

 I have to say Julep and Derby are bored because Maggie
[the yellow lab next door] is at the beach on vacation with
her family.  Maggie loves to play ball in the back yard 
which creates a bark-fest with our two.  I also think J&D
are getting use to the neighborhood dogs and
are not barking as much [or as long] as they use to.
 Derby sitting and waiting. 
 Meet Mirinna ... the grand daughter of our next door neighbor
Nancy.  Mirinna is the little girl I've been sewing American
Girl clothing for.  This will be the second 'batch' of doll
clothing she will receive from me.  I have to admit I love sewing
when I specifically know who will be receiving what I make.
Since Mirinna has more than one American Girl doll
I made her this doll tote.  I think she'll like it because
the material is covered in tiny sparkles.  I'll take the pictures
of all the finished outfits today.
On today's schedule is a trip to 'In Home Stone' the
granite company in Annapolis.  We'll decide on the placement
of cuts in the granite.  Since we didn't do this with our previous
granite because it was one consistant in color 
this is exciting.  I'll try and take pictures if it's not to
disruptive to the process.  Wilson is already at
the house with the fireplace guy to decide on the new
gas insert with logs [since the last one was destroyed by the
previous owners].  Also the painters are already 
working and last night when we went over for the
daily inspection they had already sanded 
and speckled all the walls that needed it.  
Whoever the foreclosure company hired to paint this house
 prior to it going on the market did an awful job - without
any repair work to drywall cracks. 

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