Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Trip to the Granite Yard

 The trip to the granite yard was what I would call semi-productive.
The printer that prints the templates in a plastic-like material
was 'off-line' so we had no templates to lay out.  But ... we did
look at several pieces of granite for the bathroom vanity.
Wilson & I were going back and forth between one of those
pre-formed plastic type of vanities vs. a remnant piece of granite.
What you see above is a remnant piece left over from another job.
It's a Tier 3 in price but in a remnant it's a Tier 1.  This would
have been perfect but it had what they call a 'leather texture finish'
meaning it's rough and not nicely polished like most you see.
 This was our second choice which upon further inspection had
cuts along the edge about 1" in.  Lou our granite guy called
someone from production to determine if our size could work 
and it wouldn't.  Also this size [as is] was cutting it close for what
we needed {they also had to have enough to make the back splash}.  
 It seemed all the good pieces in the size we needed were tagged sold.  
 This is actually the same granite as the remnant pictured
above.  We chose the lower half for the bathroom vanity top
because we liked the 'movement' of colors through the stone.

 Since we didn't have templates to play with we are having
Lou lay them out on the slabs and take pictures which
he will send via e-mail.  Hopefully, this will work out
because there is no way we are crossing the Bay Bridge over
the weekend in the summer which includes Monday.  For those
that don't know the Bay Bridge is the main way of getting to
the beach resort area of Ocean City, Maryland.  Traffic crossing
this bridge is a nightmare in the summer months.
If Wilson goes back to the granite store on Tuesday this will 
push the install date by two weeks ... which throws everything else off
just enough to be annoying.  Keeping fingers crossed the
photo's will work out enough to give approval to start cutting.


  1. it doesn't look like an easy task choosing from what they have.

  2. K.,
    I don't know if I mentioned that we used "In-Home Stone" for our kitchen re-do last year. We are quite satisfied with the results.