Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who are you?

 I was pulling out some ribbon last night and forgot I had
this door stop stashed in that drawer. 
 This was funny and I'm glad I had the camera near by.
 You can't make this butt stuff up!

 Julep knew right away this wasn't a real dog
so she just calmly watched her brother 
investigate the fake dog.  I think I heard her giggle.
 Two sports quilts are for our next door
neighbors two grandsons.

 When it comes to brothers the quilts needed to be similar
but not the same.  I'll take them over after they
get back from a few days at the beach.
I'm still working on American Girl clothing for Marinna
[the sister of the two boys] so I'll be posting those pictures soon. 

Today I had to make a quick trip to Lowe's in Salisbury.
We were short two sections of shower floor tile and I wanted to 
get it to the tile guys so they could finish up the work.
They also pointed out why the vanity in the bathroom
was loose ... it's because the wall is not flat the
way it should be ... just a minor issue {I think}.

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  1. The pictures of Derby checking out that dog are too cute. The quilts look great, love the colors in them