Sunday, August 2, 2015

Julep & New House Update

 The skin punch results are back for Julep and it's good news.
The pathology report came back as a Histiocytomas which can
affect dogs of any age.  They are the most common tumors and the
breed or sex of dogs does not appear to influence the development.
Histiocytomas are benign and are not considered a health risk but the
vet did the skin punch because this type of tumor resembles another
tumor which is not the good kind.  We can all breath a sigh of relief here!
We finally made the decision on who our contractor will
be for the bathroom renovation as well as the building
of two screened in porches and the connecting deck
with roof.  Phil {from Safe Harbor Construction} must of had 
the tile guys waiting.  They were at the house in less than
20 minutes ready to start ripping out the existing ugly
hospital green tile and filthy walk-in shower stall.   
The tile we picked from a local tile decorating store
was way over-priced to the point of being ridiculous for
something so plain and lack-lustered.  Last night we went back 
to Lowes to re-look at what they had in stock.  We decided to stick
 with our first tile pick which is a blending of gray/white/brown.
We just want a nice clean look.  The tile guys will also re-grout
the floor to make that look better.  The extra cost was not bad
and Wilson agreed it should be done instead of me trying to
clean the existing grout with a tooth brush and bleach. 


  1. Great news on Julep. I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief. Sounds like you made the right choice of contractors with that prompt response.

  2. I envy you all the wonderful things you can afford.
    Glad Julep's punch biopsy is clean.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. Glad you are fine Julep. In our area we have lots of tile stores to choose from. Must be fun picking out tiles.