Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Derby, A Holiday Quilt & Our New Floors

 I raced to sew this holiday Scottie quilt together so the
westies wouldn't run over all the pieces I had sitting on the floor.
 This is either the second or third quilt I made using this
pattern ... so I didn't need to refer back to the directions
[which makes the process of putting together go faster].
 Next grooming appointment will be October 12th!

 These photo's were taken by Wilson using his Big Boy Nikon.
This photo is looking through the laundry room into the breakfast
area into the family room.  With all the rugs we have we
 don't have one that fits in the breakfast area.  They are all larger.
We've been looking on-line for a 8x10.  Wilson ordered the
new round table for this space as well as the 3 bar stools
for the counter area of the kitchen.
The view from the hallway.  After the sanding everything is coated
in a fine dust as to be expected.  I have a lot of work cut out
for me cleaning all this up.  I have until the carpet guys 
come which is my personal goal.
From the upstairs landing looking down.  Carpet
is scheduled for install in mid-October.  Once that's down
there is no reason why we can't move the furniture
that's sitting in the garage into the master bedroom.
Target to be moved in by:  December 1
I just want to be settled.

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  1. The floors look beautiful.
    I'm laughing over the having to show your hands to the dog after eating. Just a little while ago I did that exact thing when Gibbs was sitting here watching me eat some chips.