Monday, September 28, 2015

It's Monday

 If you think all the westies do is sleep .. .. well, you're wrong!
They are full of energy during the day - so much so it
drives us crazy.  We can't wait to move into the new
house were there is no look-out to the street.
 I made this table runner and mailed it to my cousin Alberta
as a little surprise.  Hope she likes it.
 I'm seriously trying to work through my holiday fabric
stash.  Why - I don't know - but I am.  This quilt and combo
of fabrics turned out better then I expected. Maybe
I'll keep this one just for me.
 Gnomes ... I love little gnomes and I may keep this
one for myself also.  Am I being greedy?  Just how many
holiday quilts can one girl have.
 A work-in-progress.  Lots of little pieces to sew together.
I have the bottom rows done.  This one will go into one
of the Facebook rescue auctions.
 A well fed Julep taking her after dinner nap.

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