Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fox in the Woods

 Here is Kaitlyn's Fall/Thanksgiving quilt with
Julep giving the westie 'butt' of approval.
I did have enough fabric leftover to make a
pair of pillowcases.  I'll post those later.
 Trouble is brewing. 
 I call tell by the look ... it's play time.

My sewing station is one big mess which consists of two beautifully
made wood tables Wilson designed for his workshop in Bozman.
For the record ... he's not getting them back for his work
area in the new house because they are mine ... all mine.

I have a growing stack of quilts to be quilted and bound
  and would like to have a few more done before I
start that process of actually putting them together.

I'm working through my stack of odd size pieces
of Christmas fabric so I've been cutting 5" blocks.
These will be used to make the Penny Lane block quilt.
The big-boy freezer being delivered as well as 
the washer and dryer from Lowes.   Today we
will  have the seamless glass shower enclosure
installed.  I'll do a before and after bathroom
renovation post tomorrow.  Next up ... the
sanding of the hardwood floors.


  1. And here I was thinking how neat and organized your sewing station looks. You should see my work table. YIKES it's a huge mess

  2. I really need to find a little friend for Finlay. He loves other dogs! I can see trouble brewing….I bet Derby and Julep had a game of chase!