Sunday, September 13, 2015

St. Michaels Harbour & Out To Dinner

 Wilson and I decided to leave our darling westies at home 
so we could enjoy a stress-free dinner on the waterfront.
But first we drove over to Riverview Terrace to take a pictures
of the Harbour from this side.  We still have our piece of property
for sale on Riverview with no offers.  My feeling is if we don't get an
offer soon I'm for pulling the listing then re-listing in early spring.
 Tall shipped docked at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.
 A clearer picture of the tall ship.
 I hope this couple makes it to there final destination. 
 Julep ... our beautiful girl.  Hard to believe she's 7.
I love living in this town with a nice selection of restaurants
 on the water.  It's like being on vacation all the time.  I do need to
find time to walk around the shops in town and see what's new.  
I haven't done that in ages.  Maybe in the fall when the weather cools.