Saturday, September 12, 2015

New House Update

 We decided to have the smaller wall and ceiling lighting 
installed prior to the floor sanding.  I'll be wrapping them in
plastic before they start the floors on Wednesday.
 Wilson wanted the larger of the two freezers we looked at
on the showroom floor at Lowes.  This one fits nicely in
the nook right by the steps.  I know the top of the freezer will be a
'catch all' for all things coming from the house into the garage.
 We need to read the instructions on the freezer.
It makes a chime sound when the door is closed after opening.
 I spotted this utility sink combo at Lowes.
 This sink has shaky legs and there is a leak in the pipe.
The new replacement is much better looking.
 Meet our new washer and dryer named Dorothy and
Charles.  These were a house warming present from my
parents.  Thanks Mom & Dad for your gift.
 The OLD bathroom.  What you can't see is the filthy
shower floor and the 'not so great' tile job.
 This is the OLD vanity top with nice fixtures but ...
the fixtures didn't fit the space ... meaning you couldn't
close the sink stopper because the leaver was so close
to the back wall.  How stupid was that.
 The new granite vanity top with faucets that fit appropriately.
The new seamless shower walls.  We paid the extra
$'s to go beyond the 'standard size' to make this unit
80" tall.   That brings it even with the top of the tile.  
 While we were waiting for the contractors to go over the 
work list for next week {the fireplace surround install, the lighting
install and the utility sink install} I took pictures of our backyard view.
 I'm also happy to finally report that all the paperwork is
ready to go to Talbot County permitting for the back addition
which will be two screened in porches and a covered 
connecting deck.  We think permitting will take 30 days.
Hopefully, with all the rain we will get today the pond will
come up to the normal level.  Have a great day ...
I'll be quilting during this rainy Saturday.

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  1. you're really getting things done around there. I'm betting you can't wait till it's all done and you can sit back and enjoy it :) What a pretty back yard view you have