Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Tuesday Update

 The chandelier we ordered for the breakfast nook arrived 
just as we were coming in from our walkies around town.

 This is heavy!
 On second thought this chandelier may be going into our
dining room instead of the breakfast area.  We'll make
that decision once the wallpaper is up.
Here's the dining room wallpaper.
 The hearth was put in yesterday and it ain't goin' 
anyplace 'cause it's cemented to the floor.
 The wall sconces have a golden swirl going thru the
creamy-white glass which blends nicely with the stair carpet. 
 Wilson's purchase in anticipation of two things:
1.)  Getting the freezer in the kitchen refrigerator back
2.)  The opening of a BJ's in Easton
 Since there was little of interest on TV last night I
started working on two more holiday quilts.  One will
be more fun for grand daughter Kaitlyn and the 
second one doesn't have a home yet.  It will be made
with more sophisticated fabrics that have touches
of gold around the various fabric designs.
Derby came to tell me to get off the computer and to get 
dinner ready for a prompt 4:00 feeding.  So that's
it for today.  Thanks for stopping in.

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