Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let The Sanding Begin!

... Let the Sanding Begin ... 
Promptly at 8:00a.m. Tuckahoe Floors started removing 
the moulding strips around all the baseboards.  These
will be replaced with new strips when everything is complete.
 This is what was hiding under the dark ugly stain.
 I like the natural wood color with no stain.
But alas ...
The floors will be re-stained to this color which Wilson picked.
I didn't care what color just as long as it was light.  

Even though ...
There is a vacuum on the mega-sander there still is a very
fine dust that is coating everything {which we expected}.

Then there was this ...
Some 'cupping' in the wood which is due to moisture 
coming from the crawl  space.  

The solution ...
To buy a simple dehumidifier from Lowes and place it on a
shelf in the crawl space.   The drain from the unit would go
into sump pump.  A cost & project we didn't expect ...
 but ...
It's cheaper and a much easier solution then paying 
$10,000+ dollars to have a company treat the entire crawl 
space with a moisture barrier.

Completion ...
Of this project {if things go as planned} will be next
Wednesday.  There is a several day drying period with
 no walking on the floors and at least 3 weeks of no furniture 
placement on the floors.  Now I can get the carpet
people lined up for an install and the wall paper
guy scheduled to paper the dining room/powder room.

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  1. wow, what a difference in the floor color. I like the natural look too