Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Permit is Up ... so Let the Work Begin!

 This orange piece of paper pasted on our front door
is a welcome site.  Now the work can begin on the back
addition of two screened in porches connected by a deck.
 The madding thing about building anything in Talbot County is what 
is called the impervious surface area.  I won't go into details here
but I did provide a link if you would like to know more.  We ran
into this when we had planned to build the house on Riverview
Terrace and we ran into this with the back addition.  This is
why you see they started to remove bricks.  We can keep the
bricks in place that are under the structure and we will try
and re-purpose the removed bricked someplace.
 This looks like a drone landing strip.
 The new refrigerator fits like a glove.
 It was a smart move to buy a freezer for the garage.
 The dining room.  We did get one of the two
Oriental rugs delivered yesterday either for
here or the breakfast area.  I just didn't have
the time to open the package last night.
 The king size headboard with California king platform.
 Stupid stuff like this drives me crazy!
Feet on the headboard.
 Feet on the foot board.  We like these much better.
Today I need to go address this issue with H&S.
 I cleaned and sealed all this tile in the guest bathroom.
We had to purchase a new shower rod so I'll be 
moving over our guest bathroom shower curtain soon.
 My sewing room.  So much space ... I love it!
I'll start moving over stuff I don't need.  I do think
we will move in two parts starting in November -
non-essentials in the first move followed by the final
essentials.  I think the movers will appreciate this since
we do have some heavy pieces of furniture.
A close up of the carpet in my sewing room.
It's simple and since I have the space and we've got 
Oriental rugs that won't fit in any room on the first floor 
I'll pick one for the first part of my room.  


  1. How wonderful you'll feel when everything is finished and you are totally moved in. I still can't believe the size of your sewing room-it is so huge, I know you'll have fun in there.
    Love your bedroom!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Hooray for the work permit. Everything is looking fantastic.