Thursday, October 22, 2015

Four Little Quilts Finished, The Start Of Another & House Update

 I could have [should have] purchased the bolt of both of these
fabrics but I restrained myself and didn't.
 This is a small quilt used from the leftover fabric.  My plan
is to donate this with two matching pillows to the WestieMed
 Facebook auction in November.  WestieMed is a group that
distributes money to various rescue groups when a westie is in need
of serious medical attention and the group just can't afford it.
WestieMed is one of my 'pet' groups to support.

 In an attempt to use my small amounts of holiday fabric
I made a few of these simple quilts.  

 This fairy panel was living in my sewing room for
two years.  It's time to let it go to a forever home.

 This quilt pattern is from the Guild's Outreach program.
I've used this layout many times over the past several years.

This soon-to-be quilt is one I showed you several days ago that was
a pile of cut-out blocks waiting for me to sew them together.  I
like the colors, fabric, and pattern of this quilt.  
~~~ House Update ~~~
The construction crew finished removing all the bricks
which are now stacked along the side of the house.
They took down the existing decks and are waiting
for the dumpster to be delivered {our neighbors are going
to love that}.  The crew also measured and re-measured
then hand-dug the holes for the footers.  Talbot County
is scheduled to inspect the footer holes today.

The other bummer news is we received a propane 
bill for 18 gallons of propane used ... wait ... no one is
in the house to use 18 gallons!  The fireplace is not hooked
up and no one has been cooking on the stove top.
So Wilson called [our gas company] and they came
out last night to do some testing.  The line into the house
tested 'ok' ... so they are thinking it's a leak in the tank ...
which means digging up the old tank and replacing it 
with a new tank.  They are scheduled to call this
morning to discuss options [if any].


  1. Yep you should have bought the bolt on those fabrics, they're really cute.
    Bummer on the leak in the tank. At least you discovered it now though instead of middle of the winter

  2. Hi Katie,

    Always busy as usual.

    Somehow your comment on my blog didn't go to my inbox so I couldn't reply back to you regarding your left over wall papers. I can make your left over wall paper into gift bags for you. As for me I don't need them because over the summer I got 10 sample wall paper books from Sherwin William. Thanks for thinking of me.