Friday, October 9, 2015

The Powder Room

 We went over to the new house tonight and found the powder
room sink in place.  I like the wide rim around the bowl.
 Our wallpaper guy finished wallpapering the powder room
yesterday.  It was an easy job since we had the sink and toilet
removed as well as all the lighting.  Here Wilson is re-measuring
the space for right size mirror which we are still looking for.
 You never know what wall paper will look like on
a wall when you only have a 8" x 20" sample in a book.
 This wallpaper came in several color and we picked the 
darkest of the samples.  We really think it turned out well.
 The breakfast room table.  We are currently looking for an 
oriental rug to replace the one the table is on now.  
 A Facebook friend sent me the tea towels as a small gift.
 Tonight's sky and sunset
Julep ... on our oriental rug that is to large for our new house.

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  1. That's a really nice looking sink. Looks like it's all coming together nicely