Monday, October 12, 2015

The Torture Chamber

 This morning I took the westies to a new torture chamber
AKA a new groomer.  I like how Buffy groomed them so
we will be going back to Annapolis to see her in November
... but don't tell the westies please.
 I do see a few long spots of fur that I'll correct later.
 Our front door ... finally we are in a house in a 
location when I decorate it can be seen.

Would you believe that this cute little westie face
tried to attack the tabby cat at the grooming salon.
Everyone was in hysterics watching Derby pull
the cat bed [with cat sleeping in it] down off the
small coffee table.  Thank goodness that cat is
use to dogs and didn't pay much attention to Derby.
The one and only ... Derby
Of the hundreds of westies I see on Facebook
there is not another westie with a face like Derby.
Now we all know that if you smell a westies feet and it
smells sweet [say like corn chips] than those westie feet
have yeast.  That's it for tonight - have a good one.


  1. We are fighting the yeast like nobody's business. I can't wait for the colder weather for it to go away! I swear to God I'm ready to go buy Vagisil for him! :/
    He also needs to go back to Barbie the Groomer because she forgot his ears!

    Derby is one of the very cutest Westies I've ever seen in my life. He just makes me smile whenever I see his photo!

  2. Sweet Derby. I just love his face and he looks so handsome all groomed.

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  4. So sweet! Where did you go in Annapolis? I need a good Westie groomer.