Sunday, October 25, 2015

This Ain't My First Rodeo

 Here it is Sunday early afternoon and we are getting ready
for our annual pre-Halloween turkey dinner party.  
 I mentioned to Wilson we have this dinner party down to a science
and he reply 'this ain't my first rodeo'.  Now he knew this verse was
from something but couldn't remember from what ... so I just
had to look it up on Wikipedia.  If any are wondering
about this verse just use this link:
 The westies are strategically planning the best under the table location.
 Cheesecake and coffee for dessert.

 All the decorations as well as the plates, glasses, etc.,
will be wrapped and placed in moving boxes after dinner ...
destination ... new house!

It's gonna be a tight squeeze in this dining room for a party
of 9 ... but I'm sure everyone will have a good time.
Party starts at 6:00p.m. - dinner at 7:00p.m. so
I've gotta run!  Wish you could join us, Katie


  1. I hope y'all enjoyed your party. How much fun!

  2. The table looks awesome. Hope you had a great time. Not only have I never heard that song but even the singer doesn't sound familiar.