Friday, October 23, 2015

It's such a beautiful day to talk about something rotten!

 The past two days have been perfect in my book. The leaves are
 changing and there is a slight nip in the air.
 Walking back to the rental.  I see little white heads watching.
A new rug.  Even though this looks great in the dining
room I do believe it will be moved to the breakfast area.
 We're just humming along with workers in the new house.
 I know the neighbors don't care for this ... but it won't
be sitting in the driveway for long.
 The fireplace insert is almost done.  The guys are still waiting
for a custom made metal piece that will go around the insert.
 A view from the backyard looking towards St. Michaels.
 Now we're going to talk about something rotten in St. Michaels.
Holy smokes - what a surprise to all of us!  To make a long story
short the original builder did not use the proper vapor barrier
on this house {and probably a few others} - instead they used
the barrier for roofing.  This means that water has been getting
in over the last [say] 12 years to cause such an issue with rot.
 I would expect this from a turn-of-the century historical home.
All the spaces between the house siding need to be 
caulked to prevent future water damage.  We can't wait
for the guys to get into the wall between the center windows
when they start roof construction.  We are expecting the worse scenario.
 All the exposed area you see was rotten.
 Landscaping the front will start next week.  In spring we will
re-group with the landscaper and work on the back.
 Today the guys repaired all the rot and put up the 
proper barrier.  The footer holes have to sit until Monday.
I'm hoping for no rain!
The space between the two center windows is what we're holding
our breaths for.  I have a feeling we will meet Mr. Rot
once again.  I also have to scratch my head and wonder
how could any contractor be that lazy and that stupid
or basically not give a crap to not use the proper materials.


  1. Where was the inspectors? Here in California the building has to be inspected each step of the way.

    It looks like the builder went with what they had on hand or the cheapest route.

    At least you found out now! Before serious damage.

    Hang in there, you're almost done!

  2. oh my, what a shock to find that. It's sad that some contractors just don't care about quality

  3. They don't care.....we love our home, and it's 19 years old. We're replacing most of the windows in front....basically the same issue. Trip and I were talking about how historical homes in his native New Orleans aren't this much trouble! We're constantly fixing something. I told Trip I'd never leave after all we have invested around here! I hope they get it all fixed, and fast!