Sunday, October 18, 2015

Waiting for the Delivery

 It's Sunday morning and we're keeping an eye out for the
Lowe's delivery truck.  We are replacing all the toilets in the
house and Lowe's is delivering the one for the master bathroom
and the one for the guest bathroom.  They will be installed
on Monday morning as well as the frig is being delivered by
Higgins and Spencer.
 I finally finished 4 small holiday quilts so now all I need to
do is re-press, take photo's, fold & place in zip lock bags.
 Between watching for the Lowe's truck and drinking my morning
Starbucks I cut out my next quilting project.  It's for a friend
who's into all things fishy.

 I found Halloween lights on sale at JoAnn's so now our front porch
railings are decorated in lights and big bows.  We are the only house
in the development with Halloween lights.  Of course, 
others have decorated with mums and pumpkins but not lights.
I have also purchased white lights for Xmas decorating which will
be at the new house.  
I've already started to move things into the new house.
Summer clothing and shoes and some things from the rental 
kitchen into the new home kitchen.  I'm so ready to get into
the new place ... you just don't know. 
Well, that's it for Sunday.  Time for me to get in gear and start
working at the new house.  Even though I crossed a lot of things
off my cleaning list ... there is still a list of things to wipe down
and clean.  I did manage to dust the entire house over the weekend
and that was a back breaker.  I do still need to hand scrub the
floor tile in the upstairs bathroom and finish the tile in the master
bathroom but I'm going to wait until after the toilet install.
We do still need blinds on the windows and some type of window
treatments.   I think these are our last two major purchases.
I never thought I would say this ... but I'm tired of spending $'s!
Have a great Sunday, Katie

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