Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dining Room Wallpaper

 Dining room wallpaper - you've gotta see it up close and personal
to see all the details and sparkles.
 Here is Rick the wallpaper guy in action.  
He has one small wall to go and then this project is
done and checked off our master list of stuff to get done
prior to moving in.
 I didn't want to get in his way so I didn't take a lot
of pictures of below the chair rail.  Rick commented how
beautiful this paper is when the morning sun hits the sparkles.
No work for these two ... just all play.
I still have a ton of cleaning to do over the weekend.
The frig gets delivered on Monday morning and Juan
our painter will come back and do touch up work.  He will
help Wilson move a few metal shelves out of the rental
garage into the new garage.  We're plugging along here
and the sooner we move the sooner we'll be out of a
state of flux.  It gets old real quick going back and forth
between the two houses.  We also believe that the back addition
work will start some time next week.  That's the biggest
project of them all and I hope the weather holds out for
the construction workers.  


  1. I would not want that guys job. hanging wallpaper is no fun

  2. Love the wallpaper. It's the color of our dining room (gold)