Monday, November 23, 2015

A Little Update

 I mailed this quilt to Marinna who is the grand daughter
of our next door neighbors Nancy & Larry.  Marinna and
her parents live in the Pittsburgh area and will be here
for Thanksgiving but I wanted her to have the quilt
 I made this doll quilt last year and I wanted
Marinna to have it also.  She was so excited to
receive a box in the mail addressed just to her.
It may have been her very own first piece of mail.
 The tree is finished and they are still working
on the deck.  The electrical was 'run' today and
is now waiting for inspection.  One set of outdoor
lights came in the mail today and I understand the
guys may start screening in the porches on Tuesday.
 Julep and I were listening to Tony Bennett Christmas
music on the Bose system.  It's going to be a 'project'
to get the house wired for sound as well as the computers.
Not a favorite thing for Wilson to do.
 Putting up the new drapes in the master bedroom.
 We didn't like how just one set of curtains looked so we
added a second set.  You can't tell there are 4 panels hanging.
I had to order an additional set for the two single windows
on either side of the bed.  They should be here in 2 weeks.
The much anticipated doggie doors!
Wilson has been talking doggie doors since we lived in Bozman!
He is finally getting closer to his dream of providing 'private doors'
for the westies to come and go outside as they please.  We are
wondering just how long it's going to take them to get the hang
of using them.  


  1. Your tree looks so pretty. It didn't take Gibbs long to figure out the doggy door. Coaxing him through with treats a few times and he was a pro at it. I'm sure Julep and Derby will catch on quick

  2. Your house is looking wonderful. The puppers will catch onto the doggie doors in no time. We have had one for years. Best thing we ever did. Treats are a important part of doggie door training. One person inside, one out. Each trip they get a treat.