Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Almost Turkey Time!

 It's almost turkey time!  We'll be driving into Baltimore to
celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister
and her family.  Mom is baking the turkey, Deb is bring 
various food items, Wilson is making corn pudding
and I picked up a Honey Baked Ham.  A feast will be had
by all which includes the westies.
The Addition 
Yes, we are making progress but it seems slow.  The electrician
ran all the wiring today for the new outdoor lights and inside
switches as well as the ceiling fans for each porch.  As you can
the guys started installing the lattice work and covering the 
treated wood columns with a white wood surround [on the left].
This gives the columns a nice finished look instead of being
painted.  The two partial privacy walls are also in place
which if you look closely you can see the plywood next to
the door [on the left] and on the right just beyond the ladder.
 Now that all the electric is run the guys can install the ceiling.
A few of the guys are working on Thanksgiving to catch up on this 
project.  Wilson is putting the pressure on to get this done.
Move Date:  Dec. 7
Good wishes to all for a lovely