Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Update from St. Michaels

 I was about a second late in taking this picture.  It was so cute seeing
the westies snuggled together on the chair. I betting Derby felt like he didn't
have enough space so it was time to vacate.
 The Princess
 The Prince decided to move to his space under the table.
 Three more quilts are finally finished.  This one is for Cole so 
now the box is ready to ship out to California.  Postage is a killer. 
The last box I mailed out to the grand kids with 2 quilts and
2 sets of pillowcases cost me $19.00 and that's NOT
priority mail.  No wonder the post office is in trouble. 
 I like this pattern so much I made another quilt
as you can see below.

 I really really love the colors and blocks in this quilt but
I can't keep them all.  It will be taken to it's new home
when our friends get back from their river cruise.
 Since [the above quilt] was made as the pattern size suggested
I had to make the back.  I really dislike making backings
for quilts ... meaning making them larger then the width of
fabric which is about 44" wide.  It stresses me to make sure
the back is even on both sides.
 I purchased this fabric months ago and finally decided to
cut the blocks for the Jumping Jacks quilt from the book
called "Quilts from Sweet Jane" by Sue Pfau.  I love this book
because the patterns are simple to follow & right now I need simple!
 Just arrived!  I couldn't help myself and at times
I think I need therapy on my addiction to buying
fabrics ... but this collection was on sale so
I deemed that was okay to spend the money.
Big, bright and bold colors ... this collection has all that.
 The collection was designed by Tamara Kate and it just so
happens we have a lady who lives in the neighborhood named
Tamara {no relations of course} ... so I'm thinking of making
her a quilt using some of this fabric.  Tamara walks her
rescue greyhound [named Sailor] by the house and the
westies go nuts.  Of course it's a bark-fest until they
clear the westies line of sight.
Well, that's it for today.  The deck work in still continuing.
Some wood that was delivered is bowed and needs to go back.
The new king size foot boards for the bed were delivered this
morning and everything is put together so we can check
this as 'completed' off our list.  Next Day Blinds will be
installing blinds on all the windows Saturday morning.
I'm thinking of taking Sunday off to sew.  I do better with
an occasional day of rest then pushing myself to the limit each day.

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  1. All your quilts look great and I love the looks of the red white and blue one