Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moving Right Along

 Derby looks like I feel ... exhausted.
 How many black birds can fit on the peak of a roof?
 We call these guys buzzards but I'm not so sure they are.
They circle the skies above our development and rest in
the dead branches of trees and on roof tops.
 Finally ... I finished up the batik fabric
quilts I started what seems like months ago.

 This one is much prettier in person then in picture.

 The construction project as of this afternoon.  The inspector
finally showed his face and passed us on the framing.
 We wanted pea gravel put down to prevent wash out of dirt.
Had this in Bozman under the deck and it worked well.
The guys finished putting on the shingles late this afternoon.
Tomorrow calls for a good chance of rain and I'm not sure
if the guys will be laying the decking or not in this weather.
In any event we have a meeting with the contractor and
the manager assigned to our project Thursday to be
sure everyone is on the same page going forward.
I have been unpacking a lot of boxes and organizing
the house the best I can without certain pieces of 
furniture that wasn't scheduled in Phase #1.  I also
put the round table in place for the Christmas tree.
Wilson and I agreed on the location so the next step
is to get all that stuff out of storage.  We are also doing a
change of address/Christmas card combined - these
are ordered and should be here in about a week.
In case you're wondering I haven't lost my sanity Y-E-T.

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  1. Glad to hear the inspector finally showed up. Derby looks so cute in that picture but then Derby looks cute in any picture