Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grooming Day

 In all the rain and nasty weather today I took the westies to
a new groomer - this time I didn't have to cross the Bay Bridge.
I would have never known about this grooming studio/pet
food store if it wasn't for a stranger who stopped us during
a walk in St. Michaels.  She lost her westie of
15 years and needed a 'westie fix' and one thing lead to
another and she mentioned Bev's Grooming in Stevensville.
Bev did an excellent job grooming the westies. I
did request she keep the coats a little longer since
we'll be heading for colder weather soon.
 I did warn Bev that Derby hates his front paws
trimmed and of course he stood there perfectly for
her making me look like an idiot.
 As if they didn't have enough activity today they
broke out in a play session after dinner.  As of this
writing they are fast asleep and I think they are out
for the count until the 11p.m. piddle call.

 Hopefully they will stay looking good for
Thanksgiving Day in Baltimore.

 Doing some super-simple 4 patch blocks out of nautical 
fabric.  I'll just tuck this away when it's done for the next
baby boy I hear about.  I'll be making a pink one also.
 I don't want to stop sewing while all this moving is
going on so I've been just working on simple patterns
that don't take a lot of brain power to make.
Sock Monkey's in Space
I was so tempted to buy this fabric which was on sale
but ... I didn't this time ... but ... I just might the next time
it goes on sale.  I still have Christmas sock monkey
fabric I still can't cut ... maybe next year.
We can actually walk out on the deck!  All the
trex decking is in place and the next step is 
the steps!  Then it will be the screening and the
inserts on the inside of the roof.  I told Wilson
he needs to order one of those propane heaters like
you see at outdoor restaurants for the dogs in the
winter ... he just looked at me sorta funny.

The new front door with storm door should be
arriving after Thanksgiving.  We are looking at new
outside house lighting for the back deck and probably
the front also.  The fireplace guy should be showing
up on Friday to place the surround around the insert.
And of course the real estate agent called and said
they want to show the rental on Friday.  Which means
cleaning up or at least organizing the boxes of stuff
that I have not transported to the new house yet.  

That's it for today ... have a good one.

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  1. Derby and Julep look great but then I think they always do. I remember always thinking that the two of them always made Duke like a little orphan