Monday, November 16, 2015

The House is becoming a Home

 We started off Monday with a bang!  More lumber
was delivered, the inspector came by and approved the
framing, and the air conditioning/heating guy came by
for the winter service.  Not to mention the neighbors
are have doors replaced so they have several construction
trucks parked in front of their home.
The House is becoming a Home!
 The blinds are up on all the windows and the bed is now
the right size.  We need to hang the curtains [those that are
draped over the lower part of the bed frame].  We also hung
some pictures and a mirror over the weekend.

 I've been pulling Christmas crap stuff from the
storage unit.  This is a major project to get done so
that the house is decorated prior to move-in.

 Derby at the top of the stairs.
 This is the LAST year for this tree.  It's about
19 years old and the branches are falling apart.
We got our monies worth out of this tree
and I'm going to start looking for a pre-lite tree
now.  I'm thinking tall and narrow which
would actually look pretty in the dining room 
with a few simple glass balls.  It may be a two tree
Christmas in the new place but I'll never catch up to our
friends JoAnn & Lloyd.  I think they put up maybe
6 or 7 trees to celebrate the holiday season.
The westies are getting use to being in this house.
They are watching the guys lay the decking material.  
I'll take more decking pictures later ... now it's time
for my to get back to work.

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