Monday, November 30, 2015

I See Ceiling Fans!

 Through the Laundry Room Door
And ... the progress continues.  The electrician installed the
ceiling fans today and did some work on the spots for
the outdoor wall lighting ... then he left.  We are
assuming he'll be back on Tuesday to at least install the
outdoor fixtures.  The guys [as you can see] are working on
installing the ceiling.  They are doing an excellent job
... but it seems like it's taking forever to get this project done.
This is the screened in porch off the bedroom.
It was a yucky weather day but at least they
all were working under cover of the roof.
Speaking of weather ~ we are going to get
two more days of rain which really impedes
my moving stuff over to the new house.

1 comment:

  1. That is lucky for them that they have the roof to work under. No fun working in the rain