Friday, November 27, 2015

A Little More Progess

 I saw this card in one of the shops in St. Michaels
today and had to chuckle when I read ... busybody.
The artist 'nailed' the westie personality.
 The guys worked on Thanksgiving and finished all the posts
and today they finished up the lattice work on the bottom.  Wilson 
didn't want the 'typical' diamond shaped lattice ... he wanted
squares ... so squares he got [Lowe's had it in stock].
 The electrician worked today & he hopes to finish on Monday.
 I did happen to notice that the framing for the screen
doors seemed a little tight to me.  Wilson measured and
it was about 2" shy of the normal 36" opening.  He'll
take that up with the project supervisor on Monday.
I spent time watering the plants {I get that from my dad - that is
working in the garden} and if you look closely I started to wrap
the porch railing in white lights.  Hopefully, I'll finish the lights
on the other half of the porch on Saturday.  


  1. I like that card. A picture of Julep or Derby on the front would have looked better though :)
    Your deck is looking amazing.

  2. Such a cute card. Have you moved into the new house yet?