Monday, November 2, 2015

More From Monday

 On one of my trips to the new place I took the westies.
 New house = New Vacuums
I still have my Dyson.  The little Oreck is to replace the
little one that I killed from over use and the larger Oreck
is to vacuum the hardwood floors.
 We are still waiting for the custom made metal piece
that will surround the insert.
 Just noticed by the westies - guys working on the deck.
 I have to wonder what he thinks he saw.
 Julep - they had to check out everything.
 Wait ... doesn't a mattress go here?
Still waiting for the new bed frame and we still
need to decide on a new mattress.
 Sniffing the sewing room.
 ... now on to the other rooms.
 Out of breath running through the house like the little
maniacs they are.  Thank goodness for the ram board.
 It's time to go Mommy Katie.
More wood was delivered this afternoon.
We ran into a semi-major snag with the roofing
on the enter back addition.  Long story short we
came up with a plan but Wilson needs to have a
'discussion' with the owner of the company.
As of this moment ... things are still on schedule.

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  1. how fun having all that new space to explore.