Monday, November 2, 2015

The Decking is Here ... The Decking is Here!

 I was just ready to walk out the door to start moving things
into the new house when I saw the Lowe's truck delivering
the decking materials.  I stayed here to take pictures.  
 I don't think the next inspection has occurred yet which
means they can't start placing the decking material on.
 We are the entertainment for the neighborhood.
 Juan [our painter] is working on taking out some of the
existing metal shelving in two of the closets.  He's filling
the holes and will do touch up painting on Tuesday.
Wilson mentioned it was a good thing we had Juan do this
because he has the right tools as opposed to Wilson who
said he probably would have taken out half the wall.
Well, it's time for me to head over and start my day.
The Week Ahead
Landscapers may start ripping out plants today.
Cleaned rugs get delivered on Tuesday at noon.
Landscapers to plant on Wednesday, Next Day Blinds
will come out and re-measure what Wilson already measured.
I'm in Annapolis on Thursday.
Friday we'll be moving more things in.
... and ...
Next Monday Phase 1 of the moving starts
with the dining room, front office, guest bedroom, etc.

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  1. hooray for new decking. what will your neighbors do when all the work is