Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve

 Happy New Year's Eve from our new home.
We've got the steaks thawing and the champagne chillin'
just waiting for the activities to start in Time Square.
 But before I pop that cork on the champagne bottle I wanted to
show you my next set of projects ... Valentine's Day quilts.
I assembled all my fabric and picked out a few patterns to
try.  I will try and squeeze at least three quilts from this fabric.
 This is the first quilt pattern.  It will be smaller than the size 
specified - meaning I will only use two blocks across instead
of the three as the pattern suggests.
 The first two blocks put together.   I'll be adding a
wide border but not sure of the fabric for that yet.
 Under my sewing table ... Derby sleeps.
 Around the sewing room.  I'm still working on finding
spots for various things.  I also need more fabric
to fill up those shelf units.  I don't think Deb and I will
make it to Lancaster until around her birthday in
late February - then it's weather dependent.
 I've got lots of space in this room and the natural lighting
is better than I thought it would be.  We did bring the TV
from the rental [we purchased it from the previous renters]
so I can listen to satellite music.  I still need to organize my
desk area and hang a few pictures.

 From our new home in St. Michaels
We wish you a
Happy New Year
All the best for a grand 2016!